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$55 for one hour massage

About the Practitioner

[Name and Credentials] 

Crystal Donovan, of Crystal's Licensed Massage Care here. Owned and operated my business for three years now, my credentials include Co workers, Groupon and current clients. They all say I do amazing body work and help them to feel well and able to make it threw their days.

Life is hard for everyone in its own way. I'm here to help everyday people take away the pains and aches. To help you make it threw the trying times as well as the not so harsh! For whatever reasons you may have I'm here to help make it possible for you to start your journey to rest and relaxation. Your path to personalized massage care lies within me.


I attended The Massage School in Easthampton, Ma. One of two locations. 800 hours and a license to massage. 

[Practice Philosophy]

It may be cheaper in price but my massage is worth your time and money! 

[Why I do what I do]

I may charge less then most massage therapist but it's because I feel that everyone should get the chance to experience the world of body work All I want is to promote body care and relaxation. Peace, health, happiness and love for all!

[A little bit about me: hobbies, family, interests]

Other then the many children in my family, my life is lived for my future home and business. I love to be helpful and do my best to do so whenever possible. Although massage is my calling since childhood, it is in fact my favorite hobby!

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